Opel Insignia Owners & Service Manuals

Opel Insignia: Climate Controls


 Climate Control Systems

Dual Automatic Climate Control System The climate control buttons on the center stack and on the climate control display are used to adjust the heating, cooling, and ventilation. Center Stack Climate

 Air Vents

Use the slider knob on the air vent louvers to change the amount and direction of the airflow. To close the outboard air vents, move the slider knob to the full outboard position. To close the cente

 Driving and Operating


 Special Tools and Equipment

SPECIAL TOOLS DT - 113 - 2 - A J - 03289-20 KM - 113-2-A Holding Fixture DT-305-1 J-42176 KM-305-1 Driver Handle DT - 26941 J - 26941 Bushing and Bearing Remover - 3 - 4 in. DT - 29369 - 1 J - 29369 - 1 Bushing and Bearing Remover DT - 36842 J - 36842 Transaxle Holding Fixture DT - 36850 J - 36

 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

DTC B2745 Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of the diagnostic approach. Diagnostic Procedure Instructions provides an overview of each diagnostic category. DTC Des

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