Opel Insignia Owners & Service Manuals

Opel Insignia: Lighting


 Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lamp Controls The exterior lamp control is on the instrument panel to the left of the steering column. There are four positions. : Turns the exterior lamps off and deactivates the AUTO mo

 Interior Lighting

Instrument Panel Illumination Control The brightness of the instrument cluster display, infotainment display and controls, steering wheel controls, and all other illuminated controls, as well as feat

 Lighting Features

Entry Lighting Some exterior lamps and most of the interior lamps turn on briefly at night or in areas with limited lighting when the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter button is pressed. After


 Transmission Cooling System

SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER SPECIFICATIONS Single Use Non-Threaded Fasteners/Components NOTE: All fasteners/components listed in this table MUST BE DISCARDED and replaced with NEW after removal. Application Transmission Fluid Cooler Line Seal Transmission Fluid Cooler Pipe Fitting Retainer Reusable Thre

 Starting and Operating

New Vehicle Break-In Caution: The vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines: Do not drive at any one constant speed, fast or slow, for the first 805 km (500 mi). Do not make full-throttle starts. Avoid downshifting t

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