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Opel Insignia: Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation

Opel Insignia B 2018-2024 Service Manual / Accessories and Equipment / Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation


 Description and Operation

OnStar Description and Operation (UE1 with IOB/IO6) This OnStar system consists of the following components: Telematics communication interface control module OnStar three button assembly Micr

 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

DTC B0997 Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of the diagnostic appro

 Repair Instructions

MOBILE TELEPHONE MICROPHONE REPLACEMENT Preliminary Procedure Roof Console Replacement. Mobile Telephone Microphone Procedure Release the retaining tabs. Disconnect the electrical connectors.


 Repair Instructions - Off Vehicle

Draining Fluids and Oil Filter Removal 1. Remove the oil filter (1). Remove the oil pan drain plug and allow the oil to drain out. 2. Clean the oil filter housing in the engine block. CAUTION: Refer to Fastener Caution. 3. Install the oil pan drain plug and tighten to 25 N.m (18 lb ft). 4. If cl

 Repair Instructions

Aluminum Wheel Porosity Repair 1. Remove The Tire And Wheel. 2. Inflate The Tire To The Pressure Stated On The Tire Placard. 3. Submerge The Tire/Wheel Into A Water Bath In Order To Locate The Leak. 4. Using A Grease Pencil, Mark The Wheel To Indicate The Leak Areas. 5. Using A Grease Pencil, M

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