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Opel Insignia B 2018-2024 Service Manual / Accessories and Equipment


 Active Noise Cancellation

SCHEMATIC AND WIRING DIAGRAMS ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION WIRING SCHEMATICS Active Noise Cancellation (UQ3) Active Noise Cancellation (UQA) Diagnostic Information and Procedures DTC B0560 Diagnostic

 Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation

 Description and Operation

OnStar Description and Operation (UE1 with IOB/IO6) This OnStar system consists of the following components: Telematics communication interface control module OnStar three button assembly Micr


 Repair Instructions

Theft Deterrent Module Replacement Preliminary Procedure Front Floor Console Replacement. Theft Deterrent Module Procedure Disconnect the electrical connector. Control Module References for programming and setup information, if required. IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM COMPONENT PROGRAMMING (WITHO

 Description and Operation

POWER TRANSFER UNIT CASE IDENTIFICATION The power transfer unit primary identification label (1) is located on the rear extension housing. The power transfer unit secondary identification stamping (2) is located on the bottom of the main housing. Transfer Case Primary Identification Label GM P

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