Opel Insignia Owners & Service Manuals

Opel Insignia: Dangers, Warnings, and Cautions


 Definition of Danger, Warning, Caution, and Note

The diagnosis and repair procedures in a GM Service Manual contain both general and specific Dangers, Warnings, Cautions, Notes or Importants. GM is dedicated to the presentation of service informat

 ABS Component Handling Warning

WARNING: Certain components in the Antilock Brake System (ABS) are not intended to be serviced individually. Attempting to remove or disconnect certain system components may result in personal injury

 Fuel and Evaporative Emission Pipe Warning

WARNING: In order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury observe the following items: Replace all nylon fuel pipes that are nicked, scratched or damaged during installation, do not attempt


 Steering Gear Preload Adjustment Caution

CAUTION: Do not change the steering gear preload adjustment before moving the inner tie rod from the steering gear. Changing the steering gear preload adjustment before moving the inner tie rod could result in damage to the pinion and the steering gear. STEERING WHEEL IN THE FULL TURN POSITION CAUT

 Component Fastener Tightening Caution

CAUTION: Replacement components must be the correct part number for the application. Components requiring the use of the thread locking compound, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, or sealants are identified in the service procedure. Some replacement components may come with these coatings already ap

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