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Arrows and Symbols, Acronyms and Units ARROWS AND SYMBOLS This service manual uses various symbols in order to describe different service operations. Front of Vehicle View Detail Ambient Air Mix

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VOLATILE MEMORY PROGRAMMING Electric Window Lifters Move all the windows to the topmost position and hold the switch pressed down for 2 seconds. Sliding Sunroof Move the sliding roof to the respectiv


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CRUISE CONTROL DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION (WITHOUT ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL) DD - Serial Data - GMLAN High Speed K20 - K20 Engine Control Module S70L - S70L Steering Wheel Controls Switch - Left P16 - P16 Instrument Cluster K9 - K9 Body Control Module Cruise control is a speed control system that mai


Warning: Never leave a child, a helpless adult, or a pet alone in a vehicle, especially with the windows closed in warm or hot weather. They can be overcome by the extreme heat and suffer permanent injuries or even death from heat stroke. The vehicle aerodynamics are designed to improve fuel econo

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