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Opel Insignia: Repair Instructions


Electric Window Lifters

Move all the windows to the topmost position and hold the switch pressed down for 2 seconds.

Sliding Sunroof

Move the sliding roof to the respective end stops to recalibrate the sensors.

Initialize Steering Angle Sensor (Vehicles without ESP and with Electric Power Steering)

WARNING: For vehicles with electric power steering (EPS) and without a vehicle stability enhancement program, the steering angle sensor MUST always be initialized after the battery has been disconnected. Failure to initialize the steering angle sensor could limit the operation of the EPS system and result in personal injury.

To ensure proper initialization of the EPS system, do the following:

  1. The engine should be on with the vehicle stationary.
  2. Turn the steering wheel counterclockwise until it stops.
  3. Turn the steering wheel clockwise until it stops.

Special Tools and Equipment


Special Tools

The special service tools shown in this service manual that have product numbers beginning with J, BO, GE, CH, DT, EN, EL, SA, OR KM are available for worldwide distribution.

US, Canada and Caribbean only:

NOTE: For Special Service tools only - see different location below for diagnostic tools & equipment.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

28635 Mound Road





Phone: 1-800-GM-TOOLS

Monday through Friday

8:00 am - 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Fax: 1-800-578-7375 or 586-578-7321


Mexico, Including Central America:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Mitla No. 442 Col. Vertiz Narvarte

03600 Mexico City


Phone: +5255 2595 1630

Fax: +5255 2595 1639

Inquiries can be sent to: herramientas@service-solutions.com

South America, Excluding Brazil:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Mitla No. 442 Col. Vertiz Narvarte

03600 Mexico City


Phone: +5255 2595 1630

Fax: +5255 2595 1639

Inquiries can be sent to: herramientas@service-solutions.com


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Av. Maria Coelho de Aguiar, 573 - G10

05805-000 Sαo Paulo


Phone: +55 11 5851-7477

Fax: +55 11 5853-7479

Inquiries can be sent to: ferramentas@service-solutions.com

Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia:

Robert Bosch Korea Ltd, Service Solution

689-17 Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 435-862


Phone: 82-31-457-9520


Fax: 82-31-427-9522

Greater China, SGM

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions China

333 Fuquan Road North IBP, Changning District

Shanghai 200335 P.R.

Phone: 86-21-22182668


Fax: 0086 21 2218 2677


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Australia

1555 Centre Road,


Vic. 3168

Phone: 1300 783 031

Fax: (3) 9541 6138

Inquiries can be sent to: customerservice.au@service-solutions.com

Iberica S.A.

Dealers based in Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Europe

Nave 72 (Nudo Oeste), 19004 Guadalajara,


Phone: 34 949 208 337

Fax: 34 949 208 327


Europe GmbH

Dealers based in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Europe

Albert Tijsstraat 12, 6471 WX Kerkrade,


Phone: 31 -45 567 8870

Fax: 31-45 567 8871


United Kingdom Limited

Dealers based in UK:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Europe

Ironstone Way; Brixworth, Northants, NN6 9UD,

Great Britain

Phone: 44 -1327 303 400

Fax: 44 -1327 303 499



Dealers based in Italy:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Europe

Via provinciale, 12, 43038 Sala Baganza-PR,


Phone: 39 -521 837 508

Fax: 39 - 521 335 385shop.service-solutions.com

Tech 2, MDI Diagnostic Tools and Accessories, Dealer Equipment

US and Canada

Dealer Equipment and Services

5775 Enterprise Drive




Phone: 1-800-GM-TOOLS

Monday through Friday

8:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

Fax: 1-586-578-7205

www.GMDEsolutions.net (US only) or www.des-canada.ca (Canada only)


     Dangers, Warnings, and Cautions

     Definition of Danger, Warning, Caution, and Note

    The diagnosis and repair procedures in a GM Service Manual contain both general and specific Dangers, Warnings, Cautions, Notes or Importants. GM is dedicated to the presentation of service informat

     ABS Component Handling Warning

    WARNING: Certain components in the Antilock Brake System (ABS) are not intended to be serviced individually. Attempting to remove or disconnect certain system components may result in personal injury


     Pedestrian Protection System

    Your vehicle is equipped with a pedestrian protection system which is designed to lift the rear part of the hood when a pedestrian is detected during a frontal impact within the approximate speed range. When the vehicle is involved in a frontal impact with an object or a pedestrian, sensors in the

     Repair Instructions

    Front Disc Brake Pads Replacement (J60) Removal Procedure WARNING: Brake Dust Warning. WARNING: Brake Fluid Irritant Warning. CAUTION: Brake Fluid Effects on Paint and Electrical Components Caution NOTE: Always replace disc brake pads in axle sets. 1. Inspect the fluid level in the brake master cyli

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