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Steering Column Lock

Steering Wheel and Column

Steering Wheel and Column

Steering Wheel and Column

The Steering Column Lock Module (SCLM) controls the steering wheel theft deterrent lock function, which allows the column to be electronically locked. When a valid key is used to start the vehicle, the BCM recognizes this and will send the encrypted password to the SCLM. The SCLM will compare its own stored password to the encrypted password sent by the BCM. If the data matches, the steering column will be unlocked.

In order for the steering column to be locked the SCLM has to see 3 inputs.

1. The BCM power mode is OFF.

2. The vehicle is stationary based on zero speed reported from all ABS wheel speed sensors.

3. The driver or passenger door is opened reported by the PEPS module.

When the SCLM receives these inputs, the steering column will be locked.

The SCLM monitors the column lock system and will set DTC codes when the module detects malfunctions within the system. When a malfunction occurs the driver information center (DIC) will display the Service Column Lock Now message indicating DTC codes are set within the SCLM.

Driver Safety

The steering wheel and column has safety features to protect the driver. The following components may be mounted on or near the steering column: Energy-Absorbing Steering Column: The energy-absorbing steering column compresses in the event of a front-end collision, which reduces the chance of injury to the driver. The energy-absorbing feature, collapsible steering shaft, and break away mounting features help reduce the injury in the event of an accident.

Heated Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel and Column

Steering Wheel and Column

Steering Wheel and Column

The heated steering wheel system consists of a heated steering wheel, a heated steering wheel switch, and a steering wheel heat module. The heated steering wheel includes non-serviceable heating elements and a temperature sensor. The heating elements and sensor are located in the left and right sides of the rim of the steering wheel. The heated steering wheel switch is located in the left steering wheel control switch assembly. The steering wheel heat control module is located at the bottom of the steering wheel center hub.

When the switch is pressed, the switch signal circuit is grounded and the heat module turns the heated steering wheel on. The system then remains on until the customer turns it off. The wheels normal operating temperature is 32ºC (89.6ºF). The wheel takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes to reach the normal operating temperature. The wheel will take longer to heat up if the vehicle temperature is below -21ºC (-5.8ºF). The built-in temperature sensor provides input to the controller to limit the temperature to the normal operating temperature. The wheel will not operate if the vehicle temperature is at or above 32ºC (89.6ºF).






Boot Clamp Plier

Steering Wheel and Column


     Propeller Shaft

     Specifications, Diagnostic Information and Procedures

    SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER SPECIFICATIONS Single Use Non-Threaded Fasteners/Components NOTE: All fasteners/components listed in this table MUST BE DISCARDED and replaced with NEW after removal. Applicat

     Repair Instructions

    PROPELLER SHAFT REPLACEMENT Special Tools DT-51329 Drive Shaft Remover GE-2619-A Slide Hammer Equivalent regional tools:Special Tools. Removal Procedure 1. Raise and support the vehicle. 2. Floo


     Description and Operation

    ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION CONTROL DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION K19 - K19 Suspension Control Module B161LF - B161LF Vertical Suspension Acceleration Sensor - Left Front B161RF - B161RF Vertical Suspension Acceleration Sensor - Right Front B162RF - B162RF Vertical Body Acceleration Sensor - Right Front B162

     OnStar Services

    Emergency Emergency Services require an active, OnStar service plan (excludes Basic Plan). With Automatic Crash Response, built-in sensors can automatically alert a specially trained OnStar Advisor who is immediately connected in to the vehicle to help. Press for a priority connection to an OnStar

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