Opel Insignia Owners & Service Manuals

Opel Insignia: HVAC & Restraints


 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

 Specifications, Visual Identification

SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER SPECIFICATIONS Single Use Non-Threaded Fasteners/Components NOTE: All fasteners/components listed in this table MUST BE DISCARDED and replaced with NEW after removal. Applicat

 Diagnostic Information and Procedures

LEAK TESTING Special Tools GE-41447 A/C Tracer Dye-Box of 24 GE-42220 Universal 12V Leak Detection Lamp GE-43872 Fluorescent Dye Cleaner GE-50078 Electronic Leak Detector GE-50744 R-1234yf PAG O


 Special Tools and Equipment

SPECIAL TOOLS DT - 113 - 2 - A J - 03289-20 KM - 113-2-A Holding Fixture DT-305-1 J-42176 KM-305-1 Driver Handle DT - 26941 J - 26941 Bushing and Bearing Remover - 3 - 4 in. DT - 29369 - 1 J - 29369 - 1 Bushing and Bearing Remover DT - 36842 J - 36842 Transaxle Holding Fixture DT - 36850 J - 36

 Repair Instructions

Hydraulic Brake Fluid Replacement WARNING: Brake Fluid Irritant Warning. CAUTION: Brake Fluid Effects on Paint and Electrical Components Caution. CAUTION: Only use products that comply with GM specifications and check manufacturer information respectively. We recommend the use of GM genuine product

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